Ravenous Red Or Wicked White On Thursday Night In Saigon...




How Will You Choose To Spend Your Thursday Night In Saigon? Is it Red vs White Or Seafood vs Meat?

Hey Beautiful People

We love giving you options at the best cocktail bar in Saigon!

And guess what we have another fabulous choice for you to make but it could also turn out to be quite a difficult decision too!

Do you choose to have one of the best steaks in Ho Chi Minh City cooked to your liking paired with a beautiful deep red wine that will send your taste buds to another level or do you go for the freshest oysters in Saigon that is matched with a crisp white whine to make mini taste explosion’s in your mouth!

See we told you it’s a tough decision! One thing that isn’t a tough decision is spending your Thursday nights at our cocktail bar in HCMC!

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